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Structure and operations: streamline, integrate & transform

To be truly Client Centric, your people need a structure around them which helps them deliver an appealing proposition to your clients and prospects. Our programme assesses where your governance structure and operating model is preventing Client Centric outcomes. We make workable recommendations to align the organisation more closely to its markets and clients. We identify where operational investment will deliver a Client Centric ROI.

The Structure Programme often comprises one or more of these elements:

1. Management teams in Services businesses have acknowledged that aspects of their firms’ operations prevent the clear delivery of Client Centric outcomes. This was one of the most eye-catching conclusions of the research we conducted among executives of global Service business which we used to create the Client Centric Index. Many conceded that their businesses were product-focused, employee-focused or process-focused, rather than client centric. Our first challenge therefore is to assess whether the organization, its business processes, platforms and team structures are helping or preventing you from developing profitable client relationships.

2. In the current business climate, many businesses are cutting costs and rationalizing their operations around the essentials. If you are going through that process – or need to plan to do so, this programme has an optional module which helps you deliver Client Centric cost reduction. We assess which functions and activities are essential, optional and not relevant to your efforts to reduce your cost base without harming revenue generation and sales. The result is that a process which avoids yo-yo ‘firing and re-hiring’ tactics.

3. For too many service businesses, the weight of responsibility for building loyal relationships is seen internally to rests exclusively on the shoulders of client-facing staff. But for an organization to be truly Client Centric, all staff, including those in supporting roles have to be Client Centric. Everyone matters. The most profitable businesses have successfully aligned their operations and offering to the needs of their chosen clients. This programme helps you do the same.

4. Many Services business are actively considering where and what they should focus investment to improve their operations – particularly in the areas of Client Relationship Management software, client reporting platforms and the digitization of their offering. Any changes need to be positioned to deliver Client Centric benefit. We help firms model the business and financial benefits and ROI of any operational investment.

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