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Case study: International Financial Services group

The challenge: This organisation has faced a sharp increase in competition recently following intense regulatory scrutiny of its sector and deregulation. It faced pressure on their fees and lost clients to competitors. Gulland Padfield partners shaped a programme of change to deliver alignment for the whole organisation around client needs.

Our approach: Gulland Padfield partners implemented a programme of ‘client-centric’ transformation with the following elements:

  1. Setup and launch of a key account programme. This includes an ongoing internal communications campaign in support of the programme, and defining the role of key client champions.
  2. The development of a coaching curriculum for all staff to focus on delivering consistently excellent client service across the organisation.
  3. The alignment of HR competencies and incentive frameworks to support improved client service.
  4. A series of actions to minimise the silo mentality and provide tools for improved client management across international offices and service lines.
  5. The development of company-wide reporting for KPIs and soft metrics to monitor client performance, identify opportunities and deepen client relationships.
  6. Creation of a platform of management information to identify client needs and work with the organisation to deliver to their expectations.

The challenge:The outcome:

  1. Clients have responded very favourably to the new key account programme – relationships have stabilised and revenue has increased.
  2. Client teams now work effectively across country offices and service lines to identify commercial opportunities and to plan strategic developments and updates for their clients.
  3. Internal teams are meeting with clients according to the structures set out in the key account programme, rather than on an ad hoc basis.
  4. The coaching curriculum is being rolled out across the organisation and improvements are already being seen.
  5. Standardisation of client facing communications templates and formats across the whole organisation have created a perception that the group is more a unified organisation.

Client Centric segmentation: the quiet revolution in wealth management

Wealth management firms want to improve the alignment of their product offering to clients. This requires a review of traditional segmentation by ‘size of assets’ and ‘source of wealth’ which are increasingly seen as limiting the potential to match client with proposition. To address this, wealth managers are using the Client Centric segmentation programme to capture deeper insight from their client base, to align client-facing staff with client base and the bank’s offering.

Delivering Consistency: the toughest challenge in the Services sectors

One of the toughest challenges for a Service business is the delivery of a consistent experience for its clients across multiple locations. This programme integrates Account Management with local client needs. It offers a definition of Service Quality and suggests ways to motivate staff to work as a single team to deliver it. It engages local and core teams in the delivery of a consistent ‘brand experience’ for institutional and private clients.

Right Pricing: dynamic pricing strategies for advisors

There is downwards pressure on fees in most services sectors. This programme supports your client-facing advisors to help them justify price, define value and negotiate better fees with your clients. We draw on insights from buyers of services, assess margin and price elasticity in your markets, help you establish what the Client Centric value is for your service. The result is a more successful fee negotiation and margin management.


We also offer six Programmes to help organisations become Client Centric. If you would like to discuss which Client Centric Programme to transform your business, contact us at

Strategy: plan for growth & successful market entry
The urgent priority for many firms is to find or sustain growth. The Strategy programme provides structure, analysis and interim resource to put your business on a path to steady expansion. Strategy is an over-used term. So we break it down into three elements: Analysis, Planning and Implementation. This creates the solid platform on which you begin to transform your firm.
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Structure & Operations: streamline, integrate & transform
To be truly Client Centric, your people need a structure around them which helps them deliver an appealing proposition to your clients and prospects. Our programme assesses where your governance structure and operating model is preventing Client Centric outcomes. We make workable recommendations to align the organisation more closely to its markets and clients. We identify where operational investment will deliver a Client Centric ROI.
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Client Relationships: deliver consistency, create client loyalty
Service businesses are increasingly under pressure from their clients to deliver more and to deliver it better. Our Programme ensures that you meet these changing demands. We help you to define appropriate service standards and align your activities to deliver them. Our approach builds your clients’ loyalty to you. We put their voice into your business and drive transformative positive impact on your performance.
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Market Proposition: align products, services & pricing strategy
In a competitive market for services, nothing is more important than your ability to define and defend your firm’s offering. Our Programme helps you to identify and ‘own’ the appropriate proposition for the firm and align your products & services to reinforce it. We evaluate competitors’ offerings and engage the right audiences internally to ensure the successful articulation and delivery of a proposition that resonates strongly in your markets.
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People: transform culture, align performance with reward
Service businesses dependence on their people adds a dimension of complexity to their management. Our Programme defines the Client Centric behaviours which deepen client relationships. It helps you assess your current remuneration & incentive approach and link it to individual, team and organisational performance. We suggest steps to align and if necessary, transform your culture and reputation by rewarding the right actions from your people.
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Business Development & Sales: sharpen marketing and brand strategy
This tactical programme gives you access to our insights and experience in rolling-out successful marketing strategies and business development in the Services sector. We help you structure your marketing channels and sales approach and create a focus with a suite of Client Centric product offerings. We combine the plan with practical guidance for your client-facing teams to win, keep and deepen profitable client relationships.
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