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Client relationships: service consistency, loyalty & profitability

Service businesses are increasingly under pressure from their clients to deliver more and to deliver it better. Our Programme ensures that you meet these changing demands. We help you to define appropriate service standards and align your activities to deliver them. Our approach builds your clients’ loyalty to you. We put their voice into your business and drive transformative positive impact on your performance.

When we work with Service business on Client Relationship management, there are often several aspects which require attention.

1. Poor quality Client service delivery is now the single most significant reason for clients looking for alternative advisors. (In Financial Services, our own research and several other respected studies suggest that the major cause of client defection is clients’ dissatisfaction with the service they receive from their advisors – not, as was traditionally thought, weak investment performance).

2. We help organisations plan or improve their existing client relationship programmes to identify drivers of client loyalty, spot potential defectors early and make changes across the client lifecycle to drive consistent service standards. Client feedback – or as we prefer to call it – Client Relationship research – is often inconsistently executed by firms and fails to energise staff and management. This Programme provides ways to refresh his vital aspect of Client Relationship Management.

3. Many firms want to become relationship-focused. We provide a route map to transform transaction-based businesses to become relationship-based. That means introducing principles of Account Management, practical support and advice to get alignment of colleagues around the concept and practical steps to being Client Centric.

4. For international firms – and those with truly global ambitions – the consistency of client service delivery is a vital component of winning and deepening relationships with clients. We work with firms to develop cross boarder approaches to client service – while still maintaining local expertise which clients value too.

5. Most leading Service business will have some kind of client account approach in place. Many are dissatisfied with how this delivers growth, aligns with their segments. We help firms strengthen their Account Management approach and track improvements to it. This includes aspects of client accounts, client loyalty and improving cross-buying by clients from different teams in your business.

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