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Market Proposition: align products, services & pricing strategy

In a competitive market for services, nothing is more important than your ability to define and defend your firm’s offering. Our Programme helps you to identify and ‘own’ the appropriate proposition for the firm and align your products & services to reinforce it. We evaluate competitors’ offerings and engage the right audiences internally to ensure the successful articulation and delivery of a proposition that resonates strongly in your markets.

When it comes to Market Proposition, our experience is that several elements are important to keep in mind:

1. Many clients often ask us are they too broad or too narrow in their offering. Our answer is to look at the current and potential client base of the firm. This exercise helps organizations to sharpen their offering to the market. Clients across the entire top end of the Services sector are looking for expertise and the credibility and reassurance from knowledgeable advisors. The era of generalists is over. So it is vital for a business to identify the strengths in its people and its products and services. It on these that a clearer market positioning can be built.

2. The language of business is the numbers. But transparency of financial information about the performance of a firm’s product and service offering is often hard to establish. In our experience, an understanding on the margins, price and costs of delivery is essential to clarify the correct market positioning.

3. We distinguish market proposition from brand. Defining what you want to offer to which markets and the space you want to occupy is a strategic exercise. Building a reputation and articulating the benefits to clients of using your Services is where the role of the brand comes in.

4. A segmentation of the market is usually a component of this Programme. We often find that firms have underinvested time in this aspect of their strategy. Our teams have expertise in helping firms scope new service propositions, evaluate the competitor offerings, design and validate service concepts, and segment the target market. The result for you is a robust business plan with projections and assumptions to model revenue streams and a break-even point.

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