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Strategy: plan for growth & successful market entry

The urgent priority for many firms is to find or sustain growth. The Strategy programme provides structure, analysis and interim resource to put your business on a path to steady expansion. Strategy is an over-used term. So we break it down into three elements: Analysis, Planning and Implementation. This creates the solid platform on which you begin to transform your firm.

The Strategy Programme has six features to help you create, shape and deliver change.

1. If you are going to take a Client Centric approach, the essential question you must answer is, ‘Exactly which clients should we service?’ That’s why almost all our strategy projects start by profiling your current client base. And because many Service firms face fast-changing markets, we also identify which markets your business has the current and potential ability to service competitively.

2. This will be your plan, not something generic we take off-the-shelf and not a plan that would fit another business. We integrate relevant financial data, competitor intelligence and market information specific to your firm in order to build a clear, reliable picture of your options.

3. We use a systematic and coherent set of decision-making tools, models and planning frameworks designed for your business as a Service business. These aren’t the generic techniques you find other business consultancies use. Instead, we’ve developed ours over years of specialist advice to your sector. They are tried and tested. They work.

4. The best decisions are underpinned by objective, fact-based analysis – particularly any decision about the clients of a business we work with. This approach is even more important if your route to growth requires a bold step; perhaps the entry into a new market, the launch of a new proposition or the acquisition of another business. Either way, we provide your team with opportunity analysis to help you reach a confident decision. We take the guesswork is taken out your planning.

5. A great plan is worthless without great execution. Our planning approach is designed not only to arrive at the right answer but to build support for action among your people and stakeholders. We listen to those that know your business and make recommendations which help you align the right teams with the right tasks to deliver your plan.

6. This Programme is designed to help you identify and prioritise the changes you may need in all aspects of your business to become Client Centric. We help our clients shape and agree a credible plan with the necessary workstreams, milestones and dependencies. Your CCI results will indicate where attention may be needed across your business. The Strategy programme provides the framework for this change.

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