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Business Development & Sales: sharpen marketing and brand strategy

This tactical programme gives you access to our insights and experience in rolling-out successful marketing strategies and business development in the Services sector. We help you structure your marketing channels and sales approach and create a focus with a suite of Client Centric product offerings. We combine the plan with practical guidance for your client-facing teams to win, keep and deepen profitable client relationships.

For many firms, Marketing, Sales and Business Development are the areas of activity on the front line of revenue and growth ambitions. If this element of your strategy is under-performing, the rest of the business will too.

As part of the Programme, we identify several areas which often require particular attention.

1. In many developed markets and for the foreseeable future, low or no growth is predicted in the Services market. This means that growth will come from taking market share from a competitor. This has profound implications for the importance of marketing and business development strategies. We will help you understand what the size of the prize is. Not all clients nor all prospective clients are the same. The question firms must answer is where should they deploy their people and resource to win and grow market share from their competitors. This requires rigorous segmentation and analysis of the trends in the market as well as the weakness of the alternatives on offer to your clients.

2. Using a Client Centric mindset, we identify the prospective clients with the highest profitability potential. We help structure effective business development initiatives which support and bring out the best in the client-facing teams selling to clients. We help you get your people to engage across a broader set of products and services and help you link the knowledge of your firm’s full offer with the motivation to discuss it with clients and the reward for winning business from them.

3. Services will always be bought face-to-face. But too many marketing and business development activities are not aligned to the sales funnel and don’t do enough to support the client-facing individuals whose job it is to engage clients. Using 12 years’ of research among clients of Service firms – across banking, professional and business services, we shape a process which makes a sale more likely.

4. Brand Strategy is often a pre-requisite of an effective Marketing and Business Development Programme. Our Brand module comprises a series of specially focused exercises which help Service businesses define their market reputation. It’s the first step to create a brand and messaging architecture on which to base reputation and improve the success of your sales approach.

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