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People: transform culture, align performance with reward

Service businesses dependence on their people adds a dimension of complexity to their management. Our Programme defines the Client Centric behaviours which deepen client relationships. It helps you assess your current remuneration & incentive approach and link it to individual, team and organisational performance. We suggest steps to align and if necessary, transform your culture and reputation by rewarding the right actions from your people.

For many clients of ours, the People Programme has to address some of the following issues.

1. Having worked with many of the leading service brands, we start from the point of view that most firms have staff that are hard-working and want to do a good job for their clients. The challenge is not usually your people’s motivation but their direction. That’s why our Programme works with you to suggest the behaviours, actions and omissions which contribute to Client Centric performance. Clarity of direction helps teams prioritise, makes delegation easier, empowers and effectively drives performance across the business.

2. Client-focused Service businesses are complex ‘ecosytems’ of people and motivations. We help management teams and their HR executives colleagues to strike the right balance between (i) control versus delegation (ii) entrepreneurial enthusiasm versus consistency (iii) local expertise versus international credibility.

3. A lot has been written about the culture of the Service sector – particularly the culture of banking and financial institutions. But rarely do commentators define what they mean by culture or give much thought to what creates and maintains both the positive and negative elements of their organisation. Our People programme builds a common platform for your people based on the universal goal which the overwhelming majority of your people will share, namely the desire to do a good job for clients and deliver high standards of service for them.

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