The Client Centric Index is the world’s first diagnostic test designed to help service businesses transform their performance and profitability by aligning their capabilities, structure and culture more closely to their clients and markets.

It comprises 12 questions. It takes 5 minutes to complete online. It compares your business against a benchmark of similar service businesses. It’s the routemap to becoming Client Centric.

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The Client Centric approach to strategy

Firms that follow a Client Centric approach can increase profits by 5% - 17% through better service delivery and client loyalty.

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The Client Centric Index helps organisations in the Financial, Professional and Business Services to transform their business through a Client Centric approach to their governance, structure, systems, offering, client relationships, brand, remuneration and culture.

The Index is managed by the Client Strategies team at Gulland Padfield, the specialist consultancy to the Financial, Professional and Business Services sectors.